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Rettangolo tote bag

It's a hand embroidered tote bag. The pattern is conceived and created by me. Hand stitched embroidery artwork.
The back of the embroidered work is finished with a interlining to protect the artwork. Each piece is an individual and unique in itself.
Made in a non-smoking environment.

You never have to buy a plastic bag again! Because now you can use this awesome embroidery tote bag!

Approximately 38x42 cm / 15x16.5 inch
You can carry the tote bag over your shoulders.

100% canvas cotton cloth, embroidery floss, interlining

This listing consist of only one finished embroidery tote bag!

  • Your everyday bag; keys, wallet, phone, small, groceries etc.
  • Take your tote to the beach, library, school, gym, day trip etc.
  • Nice environmentally friendly gift.
Everything is individually and carefully wrapped before it is sent to the buyer  

Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor screens.

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