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What size needle do you use?
I use needle no. 5 or 6.

What kind of fabric do you use?
I prefer cotton, a sturdy non-stretch heavyweight kind of cotton. (Canvas cotton) at least 120g/m2.

How many strands do you use?
I always use 3 strands out of 6 for almost every pattern. When I use more or less this will be mentioned in the pattern.

What is the best beginner kit?

  • Vier

How do I get a PDF file?
After payment you will receive an e-mail with the PDF file attached.

How do I print an 10 or 11 inch pattern?
Set your printer to actual size and print 2 A4 papers and tape them together. (The pattern is designed on an A3 format).

Why do you start stitching in the middle of a shape?
Starting from the middle insures that the shape is as symmetrical as possible. Never make the longest stitch longer than 1 inch/ 2,5 cm. If you make it longer the stitches will not lay as flat on the fabric.

If you have any other questions send me a message or a DM on instagram.


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