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About Wolfratsen


My name is Myrte Biondić and I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
I'm the person behind Wolfratsen and all it's work and designs. I work from my
home, to be more specific my work space is my dinner table. Everything started for me when I was looking for something to do so I could relax and focus on something different than only my son. I also wanted to do something for my self which would give me energy. I’ve always loved to work with a needle and thread.

This is how I got started with embroidery. One stitch at a time one pattern after the other. Every time I’m working on one piece I already have ideas for a new project.
I try to work as often as possible in between the day to day things going on. If you are interested in a little bit more inside info in my work process check out my instagram @wolfratsen and follow me if you like my work!

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