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Place your fabric over the inside part of the hoop (the ring without the tightening mechanism). Once again, be sure you carefully center the pattern, leaving equal space between all parts of the pattern and the hoop edge.

Now place the outer hoop carefully over the top of the fabric. Take this opportunity to re-center your pattern if necessary, making sure that you pull evenly on a whole side of the fabric when you adjust it. If you tug just one part too hard, you can make the pattern look warped or crooked.

When the fabric is once again centered in the hoop, slowly tighten the mechanism at the top. When the hoop is fairly tight, pull gently on all sides of the fabric, working in a circular route around the hoop, increasing the tension on the surface of the fabric.

You want your pattern to be centered and straight and you also want the fabric to be “drum-tight” in the hoop. Continue tightening the mechanism until you can’t tighten it anymore. At this point, you should be able to flick the center of your fabric with a fingernail without it shifting or loosening.

Tip: Making sure the fabric is very tight in the hoop is one of the most important rules of embroidery. If your hoop is not tight enough,
or the fabric is slack at all, you will have tension problems that could result in the fabric bunching beneath the stitches.


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